[Commentary] Recently, Xinjiang “customer to cargo” agricultural and sideline products charter flights departed from Xinjiang Korla Airport, carrying the first batch of 15-ton wheel sets of small white apricots to Hangzhou directly to achieve the same day picking and delivery. Soon, three 45-ton white apricots will be sent to Hangzhou and Guangzhou.

  [Commentary] Atun Guli, who has been engaged in fruit farming for many years, did not expect that fresh apricots would arrive in a big city in the Mainland in one day.

  【Same period】 Fruit farmer Atun Guli·Reimu

  Not only let our income go up, but also allow mainland friends to eat the same taste of Luantai Baixing in our yard.

  [Commentary] Luntai White Apricot won the National Geographical Indication of China in 2010 due to its tender and tender flesh. Because of the short maturity period, Luantai Baixing has become a major dilemma out of Xinjiang. In the past, a combination of super-cooled chain cars and air transportation was used to transport fresh white apricots, and the delivery volume was also determined based on the size of the warehouse of the day. Not only the sales volume was affected, but also the freshness of the fruit. According to data, the total output of white apricots was about 20,000 tons in previous years, but only over 2,000 tons of white apricots were able to go out of Xinjiang.

  [Same period] Wang Wei, Deputy General Manager of Xinjiang Korla (Qiemo, Ruoqiang) Airport

  Under the normalization of this year's epidemic situation (prevention and control), we are ready to promote the status of sub-hub that will also achieve freight transportation in Xinjiang. This is also the hope that all agricultural and sideline products in Xinjiang will reach the mainland as soon as possible. People all over the country taste the fruits and vegetables of Xinjiang.

  【Explanation】According to the local fruit farmers, the picking period of this year's round Taiwan white apricot is about 40 days, which will end at the end of June, which is nearly 20 days longer than last year. In order to ensure the freshness of Xiaobaixing, freight forwarders docked with relevant farmers and e-commerce in advance, applied for space in advance, and adopted the mode of direct sales from the origin and order production, which improved the delivery time.

  In the next step, it will also plan to send agricultural and sideline products of 30-class cargo charter flights such as Korla Pear, Ruoqiang Dongzao, Shafeng Tomato, Flat Peach, and Ximei. Luntai County, Xinjiang, as the origin of white apricot, has been documented and its cultivation history has been more than 2,500 years.

  Zhao Yamin, Ni Jingjing and Yue Jun reported from Bazhou, Xinjiang

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]