Canton Fair moved to the "cloud" for the first time in 63 years

50 virtual exhibition areas are promoted around the clock, with full protection of intellectual property protection, financial services, and customs clearance

  On the 15th, the 127th Canton Fair opened, and 50 virtual exhibition areas launched all-weather online promotion, supply and purchase matching, and online negotiation services. The reporter learned that this is the first time in 63 years since the Canton Fair was held that it has moved to the “cloud” as a whole. During the 10-day exhibition, the world’s premiere and Canton Fair’s first products were unveiled, and many “three self and one high” products are showing one for global buyers. A "Feast" made in China.

  At the same time, several relevant departments are also proposing measures on intellectual property protection, financial services, and customs clearance to escort enterprises to expand economic and trade cooperation. The analysis pointed out that the establishment of new platforms such as the Online Canton Fair and the introduction of supporting safeguards will bring new opportunities for foreign trade companies to expand their international markets and add new momentum to world economic and trade cooperation.

Unusual move to open up new platforms for enterprises

  "Since this year, due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, China's foreign trade development has faced unprecedented challenges. There must be something extraordinary in the extraordinary period." Xu Bing, a spokesman for the Canton Fair, said that in order to effectively manage and fully play the role of the Canton Fair's all-round opening platform To help Chinese companies expand their markets and maintain their shares. The theme of the 127th Canton Fair is "Canton Fair on the Cloud, Mutual Benefit", make full use of digital technology, display new products of Chinese and foreign enterprises in the cloud, and create new business opportunities for mutual benefit and win-win for Chinese and foreign enterprises. .

  The analysis pointed out that during the extraordinary period, enterprises suffered from very difficult market development. The old Canton Fair with 63 years of resource accumulation has taken a very special action to open up a new path for world economic and trade cooperation and is favored by many enterprises.

  Guangzhou Qingchu Group Co., Ltd. is the "iron powder" of the Canton Fair. Since the first Canton Fair to participate in the exhibition until now, each session has not been absent. "Of course, Guangzhou Light Out for the 127th Canton Fair will certainly not be absent." Chen Jing, the head of the company's operation and investment department, said in an interview with a reporter from the Economic Reference News that he moved to the line. I believe that the Cloud Canton Fair will still attract global buyers and trade. The focus of the partners is, after all, to be able to grasp the latest product information of tens of thousands of companies in China without leaving home, and even see the on-site explanations by salesmen.

  In Midea Group, the reporter saw that multiple professional live broadcast rooms are ready. According to the relevant person in charge of the group, the marketing staff has carried out several live broadcast exercises. During the Canton Fair, there will be a number of new products and new technologies that will be broadcast live in the US showroom.

  Yang Yongqing, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Sumida, also told reporters from the Economic Reference News, "We are preparing to use a variety of emerging online channels to showcase companies, products, and services to prepare for the Canton Fair."

  The company's efforts to prepare for the battle have received a positive response from customers. Yang Yongqing introduced that he had communicated with some customers in advance about the participation in the exhibition, sent out invitations to participate in online exhibitions point-to-point, and invited them to view our products through the cloud exhibition hall and strengthen business exchanges. "At present, 60%-70% of customers have decided to come to the online booth, indicating that everyone is optimistic about Chinese products, which also strengthens our confidence in participating in the online Canton Fair."

Multiple guarantees escort for efficient cooperation

  Facing the severe world economic and trade situation, my country has not only established platforms to expand channels, but also launched support measures to escort efficient cooperation from various aspects such as intellectual property protection, financial services, and customs clearance.

  Among them, in terms of intellectual property protection, in response to the special requirements held online, the Canton Fair has established a "online + offline" combined mode to handle complaints, from improving prevention mechanisms, establishing online complaint handling platforms, and improving professional service capabilities. Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and protect the rights and interests of exhibitors.

  In terms of financial support, exhibitors will also enjoy tailor-made services. The reporter learned from the Ministry of Commerce that for the first time, this Canton Fair opened a financial service area on an online platform, and cooperated with large domestic financial institutions to provide all-weather and full-process precision financial services including financing, cross-border settlement, export insurance and customs clearance. Higher quotas, lower settlement rates, and more convenient financing channels will effectively help Canton Fair exhibitors to take orders, secure the market, and reduce costs.

  In terms of customs clearance, customs is also actively deploying. On the 13th, the General Administration of Customs issued a document and decided to conduct cross-border e-commerce business-to-business (B2B) export supervision pilots at 10 local customs offices in Beijing, Tianjin, and Guangzhou. The relevant person in charge of the Port Supervision Department of the General Administration of Customs said that this session of the Canton Fair will simultaneously cooperate with cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test areas and cross-border e-commerce platform companies to carry out online transactions. "Goods traded online through the Canton Fair can be cleared through new supervision methods and enjoy the convenience of customs clearance brought by the new model."

  According to Pang Chaoran, an associate researcher at the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, the holding of the Online Canton Fair is not only a transformation of form, but also an exploration of new cooperation methods. A series of supporting measures and the support of many departments have also opened up cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies Eat the "Quick Pass" and eat the "Dingxin Pill".

  "The spread of the epidemic has hindered international economic and trade cooperation, especially in the case of the successive cancellation of large international trade fairs. Holding an online Canton Fair is an important measure to deal with the impact of the epidemic and has also released China's determination to stabilize foreign trade." Pang Chaoran told the Economic Reference News The reporter said that the Canton Fair will help enterprises to further tap the needs of the international market, stimulate the development potential of foreign trade, effectively help foreign trade enterprises overcome difficulties, and inject new momentum into world economic and trade cooperation.

Seeking Opportunities in Danger, Accelerating the Road of Innovation and Development

  The analysis pointed out that the Canton Fair Online has made full use of information technologies such as the Internet, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, which has opened the road to innovation for cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises under special circumstances, and has also stimulated the confidence of enterprises to find opportunities in danger.

  In Yang Yongqing's view, this year's "Cloud" Shanghai Canton Fair is different from previous offline exhibitions. It achieves full-process reengineering and also provides opportunities for the company's future global online business expansion and innovation.

  "Now, on the one hand, we use the'Cloud' Canton Fair and other online exhibition platforms to strengthen communication with customers and attract the attention of old customers, while expanding new customers who could not reach the exhibition site in the past; on the other hand, we It is also actively promoting its'Sumeida World" global equipment online trading platform, and continues to build an online ecosystem for the import of electromechanical equipment." Yang Yongqing told reporters.

  Chen Jiayuan, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Light Industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd., said that he will take advantage of the opportunities held online at the 127th Canton Fair to train his team, quickly integrate into the online trading and live broadcast economy, and change his mind to further promote the company's trade digital transformation.

  The head of Midea Group also made it clear that the epidemic has accelerated the digitization of enterprises and the exhibition industry. It is hoped that the company's practical experience can be combined with the new exhibition mode of this Canton Fair to further explore the new digital possibilities for "China's intelligent manufacturing" to go out.

  Liu Xingguo, a researcher at the Research Department of the China Enterprise Confederation, told the reporter of the Economic Reference News that the epidemic has had a major impact on the economy and society. The production and trade methods of enterprises, interpersonal communication channels, and personal consumption behaviors are all more dependent on the Internet and accelerated. The process of global trade innovation.

  In Liu Xingguo's view, the online Canton Fair is both a helpless move affected by the epidemic and a bold innovation to promote trade development. It will contribute to ensuring the stable and sustainable development of global economic and trade activities and the smooth supply chain of the global industrial chain. Encourage more Chinese companies to speed up all-round exploration of products, channels, and cooperation methods.

  (Reporter Wang Wenbo Zhou Qiang Ding Le)