Consumers demanded the application of more effective mechanisms to prevent the crowd gathering or shoppers in the outlets, within the framework of the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid 19), suggesting the use of technical systems such as digital meters that calculate the number of shoppers.

In turn, officials of sales outlets and "cooperatives" stressed the use of multiple methods, to ensure that shoppers do not accumulate, the most important of which is encouraging consumers to shop from the car, closing a part of parking lots, while providing a certain number of shopping carts, as well as developing smart cameras that monitor the number of shoppers. .

Shoppers complaints

In detail, consumer Tamer Nagy said that it is assumed that the sales outlets follow more effective mechanisms to prevent the crowding between shoppers, which sometimes happens on the payment boxes. He demanded that the sales outlets follow technical systems, such as digital meters that calculate the number of shoppers, and determine the number that is supposed to There is, depending on the area of ​​each outlet.

In turn, consumer Ahmed Ismail said that most of the outlets do not follow precise mechanisms in calculating the number of shoppers inside the outlets, and resort to theoretical estimates through security personnel at the entrances, which causes a crowd of shoppers.

He pointed to effective and easy mechanisms to know the number of shoppers, such as giving a number to each shopper upon entry and delivering it at the exit, or placing a digital counter at the gates of the outlet.

In the same context, consumer Mohammed Abdullah called on sales outlets to implement innovative initiatives to prevent overcrowding, either within the outlet departments, or at accounting funds.

The consumer, Sameh Abdel Moneim, agreed with the view that there is nothing to prevent the use of more effective mechanisms in calculating the number of shoppers and facing the accumulation, such as placing a digital counter at the entrances, or hand counting devices with security personnel.

Face plans

So, Suhail Al Bastaki, Director of Marketing and Happiness at the Union Coop, said that the cooperative was following shoppers through supervisors and security personnel, but finally, it turned to innovative initiatives to counter congestion, including the car shopping initiative available in the branch « Etihad Mall »Currently, closing part of the parking lots, and providing a certain number of shopping carts, in line with the safe occupancy rates according to the spaces of each port, in addition to increasing the delivery channels for the electronic platform through different companies, while spreading awareness to buy supplies monthly, instead of shopping Weekly.

He added that the small branches of the "Union Cooperative", such as the Satwa area branch, directed the security personnel to prevent the entry of shoppers, in addition to the safe carrying capacity in the outlet.

Prior shopping

In the same context, Rashid Bin Howiden, Director of Supply and Merchandise Promotion in the "Sharjah Cooperative," said that the "cooperative" is following shoppers through branch supervisors, and has launched initiatives through the "WhatsApp" application that allows shoppers to request their supplies, before visiting the branch, then set an appointment Access, get their orders in the parking lots.

He revealed that the "Sharjah Cooperative" launched the "under development" initiative, currently, to place a certain number of shopping carts in proportion to the target number of shoppers, and to prevent entry when those vehicles are running out.

He believed that the idea of ​​digital meters is one of the ideas that can be studied in the future.

Smart cameras

The official spokesman for the "Markets Group" centers, Abdel Hamid Al Khashabi, pointed out the launch of innovative technical initiatives, during the last period, to confront the crowd shoppers and maintain safe occupancy rates, through the experience of smart cameras in two branches, to calculate the number of shoppers, pointing to the application of those Technology in two other branches, during the coming period.

He stressed that this technology was applied, in addition to the individual estimates of security personnel and branch supervisors for the number of shoppers.

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