Sales of masks for 500 won splash (droplets) will resume on two channels on the 8th.

At the time of the first sale of the online mall on the 5th, consumers suffered a lot of inconvenience as the site became a mess.

Although we increased one channel, we are interested in hot weather, and there are not many vendors yet, so there is a possibility that the site will be replayed.

Large distributors are also selling disposable masks that are easier to breathe than KF masks in the summer, and are considering ways to expand sales volume as demand surges.

Well-Kips, a mask maker, sells splash-blocking masks through two channels, its own online shopping mall, Well-Keeps Mall and Naver Store, starting from 9:00 am.

The sales quantity is about 200,000 pieces like the last 5 days, and the price per sheet is 500 won.

There are 3 pieces per pack, and you can buy up to 10 packs (30 sheets) per person.

On the 5th, it sold through one well-keep mall, but when the server went down due to explosive interests such as 7.8 million concurrent users, it added a sales channel on the same day.

The mask was not sold on the weekend.

Splash-proof marks are products used to prevent infection through droplets, and the particle blocking performance is 50 to 80% based on KF.

It attracted attention because of the advantage of being easier to breathe when wearing than a general health mask.

An official from Well-Kips said, "There were too many customers who were uncomfortable because there were too many customers than expected on the first day. "We are looking for ways to make our customers a little more comfortable, and once more, we have increased our sales channels."

WelKips plans to sell flat-type splash-blocking masks in addition to the three-dimensional drop-off masks currently on sale.

The three-dimensional mask has the same shape as the existing KF mask, but the flat mask is a thin mask like a surgical (dental) mask.

It will be sold as early as the 15th, and the price will be lower than 500 won.

In addition, if the demand for masks for splash-blocking continues to increase, plans to expand to other online mall or offline store sales are also being considered.

According to a company official, the timing and method of sales have not been decided yet.

In addition to Well-Kips, other mask makers for splash-blocking are starting to produce and sell little by little, so the supply of masks for splash-blocking is expected to increase gradually.

Pinetech announced to its online mall Eco Fair, "We started selling anti-fogging masks from the 5th and will be selling them in small quantities every day."

He said, "It is very insufficient for many people to use. It limits the purchase amount to 30 sheets for the time being. It cannot be repurchased for a month." "We plan to increase production so that we can supply more as much as possible in the future."

KM explained to its online mall that "the production of masks for splash-blocking has begun, and the date and place of sale have not yet been set, so it will be announced later."

On the 1st, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety approved 9 anti-fogging mask products applied by 4 companies including Finetech, KM, and Gunyoung Cleantech, as well as PKT, a subsidiary of Welkeeps, to supply masks for anti-fogging. .

The Ministry of Food and Drug Affairs decided to supply a mask for splash-blocking in private distribution rather than a public mask, and the price and timing of the mask were voluntarily left to companies.

Large distributors also started selling disposable masks that are easier to breathe than KF masks in the summer.

E-Mart Traders sold 1.8 million copies (900,000 copies per day) prepared at stores nationwide on the 6th and 7th.

E-Mart Traders handed out the number tags as the line of buying masks continued from dawn, but the number distribution was finished 10 am before the opening time.

E-Mart Traders plans to secure 20 million disposable masks and sell them sequentially at 18 stores nationwide, but is considering ways to expand the volume of sales at each store in response to a larger demand for disposable masks than expected.

The price of a disposable mask is 320 won per sheet, and the number of purchases is limited to 1 box (50 pieces) per person.

(yunhap news)