TOSHIBA: Forecasts for 90 billion yen decrease in profit for the next fiscal year ending March 2019 Impact of the new corona June 5 17:38

Toshiba announced that operating income for the year ending March 31, 2010 will decrease by 90 billion yen and the profit will reach 110 billion yen due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

As Toshiba announced on the 5th, the financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011, showed that operating profit, which represents the profit of our core business, increased to 130.4 billion yen, which is 3.6 times that of the previous year.

However, the final loss was 114.6 billion yen due to the sale of the LNG business in the United States and the recording of a loss.

In the previous year, we recorded a huge gain on the sale of a semiconductor subsidiary, which was a surplus of more than 1 trillion yen.

In terms of business results for the next fiscal year, operating income is expected to be 110 billion yen, a decrease of 15.7%.

Operating income is expected to decline by 90 billion yen due to a decrease in sales of semiconductors for automobiles due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Nobuaki Kurumaya, president of Toshiba, said at a press conference online. "The production sites that were affected by the new coronavirus are expected to return to full operation by the end of this month. We need to be prepared for this, and we will secure sufficient funds for this."