Today's (5th) site was paralyzed, the first day of selling a 500 won mask to protect droplets (droplets) online.

This is because the mask for preventing splash is attracted by the buyers because it is easier to breathe when worn than the general health mask.

Well-Kips' masks for splash-blocking began to be sold at 500 won per sheet in an online mall that operates from 9 am today, but access to the site has been delayed all morning due to the number of visitors.
"We are sorry for the inconvenience of using the service due to the increase in the number of concurrent connections," Welkips said in an online notice. "We are doing our best to stabilize the service."

In addition, he said, "If you have a slow speed during use or a problem, please connect again after a while."

It was reported that the Well-Kips mask was sold out with the high interest, and it was expected to be out of stock at the beginning of the sale.

An official of Well Keeps said, "Up to 10 am, up to 1.5 million people were connected at the same time."

Since the server was paralyzed from this morning and the purchase of the product was not smooth, a complaint call was reported to the Welkeeps Online Mall customer center.

The anti-splash mask sold today attracted attention because of its thinness, like a dental mask (surgical mask), which makes it easier to breathe when worn than a general health mask.

Well keeps masks are sold for 500 won per sheet and can be purchased for 1,500 won per pack (3 pieces).

The daily purchase limit is 10 packs (30 sheets) per person.

Well Keeps has prepared about 200,000 copies for online sales today and plans to sell 100,000 to 200,000 copies per day on weekdays.

We plan to review other online channels and offline store sales, taking into account customer reactions and market demand.

Welkeeps sells only products that are sold all the time this weekend and does not sell splash masks.

We plan to reopen sales of the anti-splash mask on the 8th as it is scheduled for the weekend.

The anti-spray mask is a product used to prevent infection through droplets, and its particle blocking performance is 50 to 80% based on KF.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has been designated as a quasi-drug product to provide the general public with a mask for splash blocking similar to a dental mask.

So far, four companies such as WeKips subsidiaries P&T, Kunyoung Cleantech, Finetech, and KM have been approved as 9 non-medical products for anti-fogging masks.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Affairs plans to supply splash masks in private distribution, not public masks, so companies decide autonomously about the price and timing of the sale.

Other companies are said to be still discussing specifics such as the timing and price of the mask.