The number of employees is increasing, and the positions include chief beautiful officers, chief compliance officers, chief surprise officers and other
  celebrities who enter the enterprise as "officials". Are they really working or disguising endorsements?

  Actor Liu Tao joined Ali as the official selection officer of Ju-Beihua. Chen Shu joined the Hisense Industrial Design Center as an art experience officer. Recently, the news of several star-employed companies has gained a lot of attention. In fact, since 2015, stars such as Wang Leehom, Yang Ying, Zhao Liying, and Jay Chou have all joined different companies.

  Did these stars join the company, did they really punch in to work, or did they speak in disguise? "Worker Daily" reporters investigated this.

  Most of the star positions are "Chief XX Officer"

  According to public information, the star company started in 2015 and started in 2016. Yang Ying joined beauty camera, Jay Chou joined Vipshop, Tang Yan joined psychic jewelry company, Zhao Liying joined iQiyi... According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2016, at least 28 celebrities joined the company.

  In the following years, stars have also joined the company. Counting the positions of these stars, most of them are "chief XX officers", and the names can be described as diverse: chief member recommendation officer, chief creative officer, chief fashion officer, chief surprise officer, chief reminder officer, chief creative officer, chief experience officer, Chief compliance officer, chief face value officer, chief beauty officer.

  Some people ridiculed that it is more and more arbitrary to give the “officials” to the stars. It is not easy to think of these “official” names.

  Do these star start-up companies go to work? During the period when Liu Tao joined Ali, he started to carry live broadcasts; Ouyang Nana, who joined Taobao in March this year, also posted the weekly work report; Chen Shu participated in Hisense's live broadcast.

  "Stars are employed in enterprises, many of them are part-time jobs, and they are given a position. Some are officially employed. This requires that the star not only has a flow, but also has certain management capabilities, and it also needs to be consistent with the future development of the company. "Zhao Zhan, a lawyer from Beijing Zhilin Law Firm, said.

  Some people in the industry bluntly said that the schedule of these stars is usually well-rounded, and there are few opportunities to appear in the company. Do you expect them to do planning and strategic planning?

  Some companies do not shy away from marketing

  The reporter asked the employees of an Internet company about the employment of the star who joined the company. The other party bluntly asked the star to come to make an endorsement.

  In this regard, Zhao Zuozhan said that star entry can indeed create a topic, arouse everyone's attention, and play a role in promoting the company.

  Some companies do not shy away from this. In 2018, the internet celebrity "papi sauce" served as the chief content officer of Baidu APP. Baidu responded that this time it was only a marketing cooperation, and there was no personnel appointment.

  From the perspective of marketing professionals in the entertainment industry, star recruitment can be understood as another form of endorsement; and star joining a well-known company is also a positive blessing of its own word of mouth image, which is a win-win situation.

  "If the star is only a part-time job, and the company only promotes it when it enters the job, it is not an endorsement. If the company uses the portrait of the star on other promotional occasions or advertisements, such as promotional posters, and marks the company's position, this kind of It is the nature of the endorsement." Zhao Zhan said.

  Hao Xudong, an attorney from Beijing Shengqi Law Office, analyzed that the reason why star employment started in 2015 was because the new "Advertising Law" that was implemented that year clarified the legal responsibility of advertising spokespersons. Stars who endorse false advertising will be prohibited from endorsement 3 In 2009, it will also bear joint and several civil liabilities. Endorsement in the form of star entry can avoid related legal risks and avoid joint liability. This also shows from one side that in today's society where the legal system is becoming more and more perfect, celebrities care more about their goodwill when participating in business activities.

  With regard to the recent climax of star-employed companies, industry insiders said that this is the “transformation and breakthrough” of star profit-making under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control. Short video sucking + live streaming has become the highlight of the current business ecology, and the star group with its own traffic has naturally become the object of competition for various platforms.

  Enterprise development ultimately depends on its own business

  Regarding future trends, Zhao Occupation analysis said that it is difficult for stars to formally join enterprises to become a major trend. However, with the changes in marketing methods, celebrities go to companies to do part-time jobs, in disguise to make endorsements, there may be more and more in the future.

  For enterprises, it is also a knowledge to ask any star. Some marketers said that the image positioning of the recruiting star must be consistent with the connotation of the company. In order to maximize the star effect, companies must continue to plan topics and activities related to stars, which tests the company's ability to innovate and plan.

  Some insiders pointed out that as the market environment changes, the company's marketing methods continue to change. But no matter how it changes, the company's development ultimately depends on its own business, relying on its own products, eye-catching marketing can only be icing on the cake.

  "There are more and more news about star-employed companies. This new type of cooperation model is a new marketing model derived from stars and related companies to reduce the risk of endorsements. No matter which marketing model is adopted, both the star and the enterprise must strictly abide Law, cooperation within the framework of laws and regulations, only in this way can we avoid legal risks." Hao Xudong reminded.

Du Xin