Starting tomorrow (5th), you can buy a new mask made by the government. As the blade gets hotter, it is thinner and lighter than conventional masks, and is a product that can block viruses or drops.

Reporter Chan Bum Park, who has used this mask, will explain it in detail.

<Reporter> What the

government created as a substitute for health masks in case the weather gets hot is'mask to prevent splash'.

It's relatively easy to breathe, and it seems to be lighter in weight.Most of the existing KF80, 94 health masks are made up of 4 layers, while the splash blocking mask is made up of 2 layers, such as a filter and a non-woven fabric, so the blocking power is slightly reduced.

Products that debut tomorrow will be rated at the KF75 level.

However, the weight is about half of that of a health mask, and the thickness is as thin as 30%.

We also made up for the shortcomings of the surgical mask, which is difficult to adhere because of the square shape.

[Park Jong-han/President of the mask manufacturer: (New) Splash mask is a three-dimensional style, so we may have a KF mask style or a surgical (dental) mask style flat mask.]

Public mask As long as it is not, the price and supply are determined by private producers.

Nine types of anti-splash masks produced by four companies will be sold sequentially starting tomorrow.

The amount released online tomorrow is about 200,000, but you can buy up to 30 per person for 500 won per sheet.

Demand is skyrocketing in hot weather, and shortage is expected for the time being.

[Kim Yun-kyung/Yangcheon-gu, Seoul: I'm thinking about whether I can live. Another server goes down, so I don't think I can buy it... ] The

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (FDA) expects supply and demand to gradually stabilize as supply will continue to increase in the future.

(Video coverage: Han Il-sang · Yoo Dong-hyuk, video editing: Park Ji-in, CG: Ryu Sang-soo)