Nearly 300 beauty makeup "out of stock king" online "return blood"

  Lettering and customized services are all cheaper than duty-free shops

  Under the epidemic, the beauty brand "Sold Out King" dared not play high. During this year's "618" e-commerce shopping festival, many first-tier beauty brands have seen a big dive in domestic online prices, even lower than duty-free shops for the first time.

  Although the country has entered the normal stage of epidemic prevention and control, the situation abroad is still grim, and the global beauty market will face a major test in 2020. According to data from McKinsey, a global management consulting company, before the epidemic occurred, about 85% of all beauty products were sold in offline stores. After the outbreak, about 30% of the relevant physical stores were forced to close, and some will be permanently closed, which means that the largest sales channel in the beauty and beauty industry is obviously frustrated.

  However, as my country's epidemic situation has stabilized, the consumption rebound trend has begun to emerge, and the consumption in the beauty market has been released to a certain extent. According to McKinsey data, sales in China's personal beauty industry fell 80% year-on-year in February, but since then there has been a clear recovery trend, and sales in March shrank to 20%. The Estee Lauder Group said that since March, sales in Mainland China have resumed single-digit growth, and the overall growth rate in April returned to double-digit. L'Oréal China's CEO Fibre also believes that after the epidemic, the Chinese market will rebound quickly.

  The "618" e-commerce shopping festival, which is almost comparable to "Double 11", has been warmed up for a long time. It is worth noting that this year 178 luxury brands officially participated in Tmall 618, including 37 newly-added luxury brands, which is almost double the number of 93 from last year's double 11.

  Small brown bottles, small light bulbs, small irons... These "net red" products that have their own "nickname" in the beauty industry have always been out of stock kings, and the official prices are rarely discounted. However, these "cold" first-line brands on weekdays have also lowered their stature, directly offering "low prices in history" to "gratify" consumers. According to statistics, there are 296 high-end cosmetics "out of stock" prices are even cheaper than duty-free shops. For example, an eye cream from Estee Lauder is 17% cheaper than the same item in the duty-free shop; a "net red" cream from the Mystery of the Sea Blue, which is a gift, is 12 yuan cheaper than the duty-free shop.

  On the first day of the previous pre-sale event, 65,000 sets of two gift box sets of Korean skin care brand Snow Show were booked. China's warehouse stock is in a hurry, and Snowflakes immediately held an emergency meeting to apply for air cargo transfer to the South Korean headquarters.

  In addition, after the epidemic, consumers' enthusiasm for visiting stores has decreased. In order to allow consumers to enjoy the same personalized service and experience as offline, more and more luxury brands such as Cartier, Montblanc, and Burberry will The online flagship store is regarded as the main position of brand operation, and it has launched personalized customization services such as lettering service, pattern customization, color customization, etc., which has greatly released consumers' personalized services and experiences.

  Text/Reporter Chen Si