China News Service, June 4th, Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Gao Feng pointed out that according to the Ministry of Commerce monitoring, as of June 1, the resumption rate of enterprises above the designated size for retail businesses exceeded 95%.

  The Ministry of Commerce held a regular online press conference on the 4th.

  Gao Feng revealed that according to the monitoring of the Ministry of Commerce, as of June 1st, the business resumption rate of enterprises above the designated size in all retail formats exceeded 95%, and the opening rate of 11 renovation and upgrade pilot pedestrian street shops determined by the Ministry of Commerce reached 94.5%, with passenger flow and turnover separately Recovered to 80.3% and 81.6% of the same period last year; in late May, the daily sales of key monitoring retail enterprises increased by 4.8% compared with mid-May. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the retail and catering business activity index remained above 55% in May. Among them, the retail business activity index was above 50% for three consecutive months, and the catering industry was Above the gloom line, it shows that the consumer market has maintained a good momentum of recovery and recovery.

  On the topic of supporting small and micro enterprises in the field of business circulation, Gao Feng revealed that the Ministry of Commerce will work with relevant departments to promote the development of the small store economy as the main starting point, accelerate the convenience, specialization and digitalization of small stores, and promote the formation of multiple levels and categories The small shop economic system promotes small and micro enterprises in trade circulation to increase employment, expand consumption, and enhance economic vitality.

  Gao Feng revealed that in order to further increase the support for the revitalization of Hubei after the epidemic, the Ministry of Commerce has recently released a number of measures to support the accelerated development of the China (Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone, in order to improve the quality of trade development, optimize the business environment, Improve the market operation mechanism, deepen international economic and trade cooperation, strengthen organizational guarantees and other five aspects to launch 24 specific measures to support the Hubei Pilot Free Trade Zone to play a role in comprehensively deepening reforms and expanding the opening of test fields to stimulate the vitality of market players and enhance new development momentum . It mainly includes the following points:

  One is to cultivate new momentum for Hubei's foreign trade development. Support the establishment of a national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base in Hubei Pilot Free Trade Zone, carry out cross-border e-commerce retail import pilots, support the construction of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones in related areas, and create demonstration cities for service outsourcing.

  Second, establish and improve working mechanisms for foreign investment promotion, investment services, and investment protection. Actively solve the difficulties for foreign-funded enterprises in the Hubei Free Trade Zone, promote the implementation of key foreign-funded projects, support enterprises to resume production and production, and continuously optimize the business environment.

  The third is to support the Hubei Pilot Free Trade Zone in combination with the development positioning, first trial, explore the establishment of a reverse customized industrial base, and promote the deep integration of the industrial chain; support the relevant areas to carry out supply chain innovation and application pilots, and improve the strategic emerging industry supply chain system; Cultivate and build an international consumption center city to provide guidance, and promote consumption upgrade and service upgrade.

  Fourth, the use of bilateral economic and trade cooperation mechanisms and China International Import Expo, China-Nordic Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum and other exhibitions, forum platforms, to play the role of foreign business institutions, and actively support the Hubei Pilot Free Trade Zone to carry out international procurement, investment promotion, cultural exchanges and other international Economic and Trade Cooperation.

  Fifth, we will support the Hubei Pilot Free Trade Zone to further promote the replication and promotion of institutional innovations, carry out in-depth differentiated exploration around strategic positioning, strengthen personnel exchanges and special training, and promote the high-quality development of the Hubei Pilot Free Trade Zone.

  In addition, Gao Feng also revealed that after consultations between relevant parties, on the afternoon of June 4, ASEAN and China, Japan, and South Korea (10+3) are holding a special meeting of Ministers of Economy and Trade to combat the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in the form of a video conference. The head of the Korean economic and trade department and the secretary-general of ASEAN attended the meeting. Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan attended and spoke at the meeting."

  "This meeting will focus on implementing the consensus of the ASEAN and China, Japan, and Korea (10+3) Special Meeting of Leaders to Fight the New Coronary Pneumonia Outbreak Discussion." Gao Feng said.