As the Corona19 epidemic continues, controversy arises as more than 7,000 dentists are gathering in one place in the middle of Seoul.

According to the medical industry on the 3rd, the Seoul Dental Association will hold the 17th Seoul International Dental Equipment Exhibition (SIDEX 2020, SIDEX 2020) at COEX, Seoul on the 5th to 6th.

According to the Seoul Dental Association, this event is the largest dental event of the year, with academic programs optimized for opening physicians and dental equipment exhibitions.

It is said that about 7,500 dentists have registered to participate this year.

However, with the continued corona19 epidemic and fears of massive re-proliferation in the metropolitan area, critics are accusing it of being a health care practitioner.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health and Welfare sent public notices to refrain from holding events and other events to health-related organizations and academic societies.

This is due to the decision to implement strengthened quarantine measures in the metropolitan area at the Emergency Relations Ministers' Meeting on the 28th of last month.

The Korean Dental Association is also holding hold of the event held by the Seoul Dental Association.

"If there is even one confirmed patient and all participants need to undergo self-isolation and thorough examinations, it will not be able to control the astronomical damage, social waves, and criticism of the dental community," said Chi Hyeop. "We told the organizers to scrutinize it carefully," he said.

However, the Seoul Dental Association is in a position not to cancel the event.

An official from the Seoul Dental Clinic said, "We are preparing to proceed with the event as scheduled."

The Seoul Dental Clinic stated that it had only prevented people with KF94 or higher masks from entering and provided hand sanitizers.

We plan to check fever, etc. through a thermal imaging camera and restrict admission if there are any suspicious symptoms.