The offline consumption is gradually warming up

  Reporter Ni Nan

  With the further stabilization of domestic epidemic prevention and control and the support of various policies, the situation in the consumer market has also started to improve compared with the period during the epidemic.

  Judging from the on-site visits by reporters from the "Securities Daily", compared with the period of the epidemic, most businesses have achieved normal business offline. In addition, there is also a founder of a chain restaurant company, Mr. Wang, who told reporters from the Securities Daily that he has come through.

  Pan Xiangdong, chief economist of New Era Securities, told reporters of Securities Daily that overall consumption may still be negative growth, but most of the consumption sub-items have significantly improved, and the optional consumption has improved at an overall rate, which is further improved by the domestic epidemic and stimulates consumption. Policies are introduced.

  "Governments and merchants around the world have launched a number of measures to promote consumption, and many places have increased the willingness to consume through the issuance of consumption vouchers." Pan Xiangdong said that some local governments have launched a "night economy" and have appropriately relaxed small street vendors. There are also some businesses that actively promote and stimulate consumption through the form of concessions.

  "We have been doing some discounts and activities during the epidemic until now, including expanding online sales channels, developing new products, and developing discount packages specifically for online." Mr. Wang said.

  Mr. Wang admitted that he still hopes to introduce some more diversified measures to help enterprises. At the same time, I hope that at the consumer level, there can be more precise and targeted ways to stimulate consumption potential. And as a store, it is also marketing products in various ways.

  Fu Yifu, a senior researcher at Suning Financial Research Institute, told the Securities Daily reporter that as the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, offline consumption scenarios have begun to recover, especially in supermarkets, shopping malls, and tourist attractions. The smoother flow of residents across provinces and cities also helps the recovery of the offline consumer market.

  "The main factor affecting the consumer market in the second half of the year is the epidemic prevention and control situation. At present, the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation has been very stable, but there is still pressure from overseas imports. Therefore, there will be some impact on foreign demand." Fu Yifu said, but our population The base is huge and the consumption potential is great. During the epidemic, the online consumption scene was hot and continued.

  "Securities Daily" reporters visited restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls and other places in some areas of Beijing during the epidemic. On June 1, the reporters visited these areas again and noticed that most businesses have achieved normal offline business.

  "Not only is the offline consumer market gradually recovering, many merchants are carrying out promotional activities in order to promote consumption, and are also using diversified methods, such as trade-in, live streaming, etc." Fu Yifu said, trade-in In fact, it is a discount in disguise and a performance of consumption upgrade. This approach is equivalent to both stimulating consumption and expanding willingness to consume, while expanding the scale of consumption.

  "The innovative sales method of live streaming with goods is a performance that surpasses traditional e-commerce, which is equivalent to shortening the supply chain." Fu Yifu said that various policies and merchants' measures have a more important role in the recovery of the consumer market . The issuance of consumer vouchers in many regions can promote increased willingness to consume and stimulate consumption more precisely.

  "At present, my consumption expenditures have decreased compared to before the epidemic, mainly because I want to make some savings. In addition, although some of the offline consumption scenarios are normal, but the number of visits is still less than before." In an interview with a reporter from Securities Daily said.

  Pan Xiangdong said that in terms of increasing willingness to consume, as long as a job-holding and stable enterprise is properly prepared, consumption will naturally be restored. In terms of increasing supply, the epidemic has inhibited the supply side of consumption, and merchants have eased supply constraints by promoting online business. In addition, the government supports e-commerce and express delivery into the countryside, and expands rural consumption. (Securities Daily)