Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 3rd (Reporter Zhang Qianqian) The reporter learned from the China Development Bank on the 3rd that as of the end of May, the China Development Bank's 10 billion yuan special loan for spring farming has been completed, covering 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities nationwide It provides high-efficiency and low-cost financing guarantee for the smooth development of agricultural production in the spring.

  In terms of support targets, the China Development Bank focuses on supporting enterprises in the supply and marketing cooperative system, with a cumulative loan of 7.34 billion yuan to ensure the production and circulation of agricultural materials such as seeds, pesticides, and fertilizers. In Hubei, China Development Bank opened a green channel on the line, and provided loans of 266 million yuan to Hubei Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperatives and Xingfa Chemical to ensure the production and circulation of chemical fertilizers.

  It is understood that the China Development Bank launched the special loan in late February this year, giving preferential conditions in terms of interest rate pricing and credit structure, etc., to reduce the financing costs of agricultural enterprises; open a green channel to respond to the financing needs raised by the enterprise within 24 hours ; Delegating the approval authority for special loans to branches to speed up the approval process and improve the efficiency of business processing.