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3rd additional budget for the 35 trillion won budget was formulated to overcome the economic crisis caused by Corona 19. It is only half a century since the largest historical record in history has been organized three times a year.

Reporter Hyung-Woo Jeon.

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government decided to finalize the third additional revision budget at the State Council today (3rd) and submit it to the National Assembly tomorrow.

The size of the extradition is 35 trillion and 300 billion won, which is the largest record ever exceeding the 1998 financial crisis or the 2009 financial crisis.

Of the additional resources required, 11 trillion won is funded by restructuring expenditures and free resources from the fund.

[Hongnamgi / Deputy Prime Minister: The priming and pumping of Finance to build a virtuous cycle of 'Overcoming the crisis - growing traction financial recovery "and has determined will contribute to the national economy;

s a three time supplementary budget year beginning in 10,048 years As a result, after the Corona 19 incident, the size of the additional three times amounted to 60 trillion won.

With financial resources secured by supplementary funding, we first provide KRW 5 trillion in financial packages to protect companies and jobs in crisis.

8,900 billion won is also used for special measures to stabilize employment, such as expanding the target of employment maintenance grants by 580,000.

We plan to invest 11.3 trillion won in the'three economic reinforcement packages' for the recovery of the economy in the second half of the year. Among these, discount consumption coupons, support for the purchase of high-efficiency home appliances, etc. 2.5 trillion won will be supported for upgrading.

In addition, 5 trillion won will be invested in the'Korean New Deal', which is planned to invest 76 trillion won over the next 5 years.