In the first half of this year, applicants participating in the SK Telecom recruitment interview will see a face-to-face (uncontact) group interview using their tablet devices at home.

SK Telecom announced on the 3rd that it is introducing an'Interactive Untact interview' for regular recruitment of new employees scheduled for June.

An intact interview is an interview method in which several people exchange opinions face-to-face.

SK Telecom conducts in-tact interviews using its own group video call solution.

An official from SK Telecom said, "It is SK Telecom's first time for a large company to introduce a multi-party in-contact interview as a self-developed solution."

The fairest part of SK Telecom's intact interview is'fairness'.

Interviewers will receive a'Intact Interview Kit' consisting of a video call tablet, an interview material tablet, a tablet holder, and a guidebook.

All interviewers can participate in the interview with the same device and access environment.

Before the interview, tests such as the connection environment are conducted twice.

SK Telecom provides unlimited data for smooth interviews.

This is to prevent the possibility of data loss depending on the connection environment.

The security tablet'SSM' is installed on the interview tablet, so it is impossible to leak data to the outside.

It is also impossible to use features not related to the interview.

SK Telecom said, "Most of the other companies' contactless interviews are one-on-one Q&As in HD quality." .

After the interview, interviewers can put the items back in the mail box enclosed in the kit and place them in front of the house.

“We prepared for a safe and fair interview to recruit excellent talent,” said Hur Joon, head of HR2 Group, SK Telecom's Corporate Culture Center.

(Photo = provided by SK Telecom, Yonhap News)