Shareholders' Meeting 18:16 on June 3rd for companies that will be held after July due to the influence of the new Corona

Regarding the general meeting of shareholders of companies that peaks in June every year, because of the impact of the new coronavirus this year the settlement of accounts has not progressed, and there are currently more than 20 companies that are delayed from July onwards. I found out that

On the 3rd, the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) summarized and announced the date of the shareholders' meeting of the companies for the fiscal year ending March.

According to this, the highest number was on June 26, with 747 companies, which accounted for 32% of the total, followed by 503 companies on June 25, with a concentration in late June.

On the other hand, last year there were no companies to open after July, but this year the number has risen to 20, and 31 companies have yet to decide on the date of the event.

Regarding this, the Tokyo Stock Exchange believes that the number of companies that cannot hold the general meeting of shareholders on the same schedule as usual, due to the new coronavirus taking time to collect financial results and other tasks.

Regarding this year's shareholder meeting, Keidanren is calling for consideration to prevent infection and holding it with a small number of visitors, and companies also shorten the holding time and pros and cons on the proposal online. I am preparing to make a statement, and this is likely to change the scene of the general meeting of shareholders.