Cisco International Technology Solutions and the official digital networking partner for Expo 2020 Dubai has recently completed the largest deployment of Webex video calling applications in the UAE, successfully linking 2,000 active users to the Expo site through its collaborative program.

She pointed out that the empowerment came within the framework of implementing remote work practices to limit the spread of Covid-19 virus. Expo 2020 Dubai worked in compliance with the new laws and with the aim of ensuring employee safety and maintaining business continuity.

"Cisco" added that it launched Webex services on a large scale, and it currently provides about 1000 daily calls within the Expo site, and now provides unlimited access to all employees while they are in their homes, pointing to the presence of 2000 active Webex users who are currently employees of the Expo 2020 Dubai team.

She pointed out that she provided technical solutions on the Expo site, the most prominent of which is a smart phone application that can help users search, locate and book meeting rooms safely, and an AI-powered voice assistant that enables automatic note-taking, video calls and cooperation via the Cisco Webex platform.

She stated that, with the commencement of the transition to remote work, Cisco focused on developing its technical infrastructure to help Expo 2020 Dubai employees continue to work normally.

"When Expo 2020 faced the possibility of moving to a digital remote business model, it was natural that we would provide our support in Cisco with customized solutions that fit a workforce of this size. With Adel Trumpita," said Adele Trumpita. Expo employees continue working from home, and collaborative features and advanced safety technologies will help keep the team working as usual. "

"The company has dedicated its local customer experience team to operating and testing a new VPN system for remote communication, and it was used to boost the VPN capacity from 300 to 8,000 simultaneous connections. Within a week, the majority of users were migrated to the updated system."

Mohammed Al Hashemi, Chief Technology Officer at Expo 2020 Dubai, said, “Advanced technologies such as Webex have been used as a key tool for our employees to communicate and perform their tasks from home.

To provide Expo 2020 Dubai employees with more support and empowerment in this unprecedented period, Cisco has expanded the use of Webex to include employees ’friends and families, to ensure the continuity and growth of their communications, regardless of circumstances.

"There are operations for the rapid expansion of IT infrastructure in Expo 2020 in an unprecedented manner during this period, and Expo 2020 employees will continue with our remote communication solutions, to communicate and focus on their mission to provide," added Shukri Eid, CEO of Cisco in the Gulf region. An exceptional global exhibition that will bring together the world and help create a better post-epidemic future.

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