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Delage D12 - DR

The entrepreneur Laurent Tapie, at the origin of Delage's rebirth, granted an exclusive interview to our colleagues from Blog Auto, in which we learn more about this future (hypothetical?) Hybrid supercar "Made in France".

Dalage D12 - DR

Its hybrid system would be based on a V12 engine developing alone 900 horsepower, for a total power of… 1,230 horsepower! The architecture of the Delage D12 is similar to that of an F1 or a prototype of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, suitable for road use, of course. But under the huge air intake essential to cool the V12, two passengers can take their seats, seated in tandem. If the project comes to fruition, we can bet that the sensations felt on board will be of the order of the exceptional.


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