World Milk Day: How should my country's dairy product consumption structure and product structure be optimized?

  CCTV Beijing, June 1st (Reporter Che Li) According to the report of China Central Television's Voice of China "News Evening Peak", June 1st is the 21st World Milk Day. With the continuous improvement of national health awareness, People's awareness of the benefits of dairy products has greatly increased. my country is a big country in the dairy industry, but the intake of dairy products by our residents is still low, and the per capita milk consumption is still less than 1/3 of the world's per capita consumption. According to the “Data Report of China Dairy Industry Index Survey” released by the China Dairy Industry Association on the 1st, more than 20% of children in my country do not have scientifically consumed dairy products. How should the dairy product consumption structure and product structure be optimized?

  At present, the per capita consumption of dairy products in my country has increased from less than 6 kg 20 years ago to 36 kg, and the per capita milk consumption in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou has reached 50 kg. Despite this, my country's per capita consumption is still less than 1/3 of the world's per capita consumption, less than 1/2 of the Asian per capita consumption, far below the daily intake of 300 grams guided by the "Chinese Resident's Dietary Guidelines. Zhang Zhiqiang, deputy director of the Department of Food Safety Standards, Monitoring and Evaluation of the National Health and Health Commission, said: "Because dairy products are rich in nutrients and are the main source of high-quality protein intake, calcium in dairy products is most easily absorbed and used for bone Loosening has a good preventive effect. The National Health and Welfare Committee issued the "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" recommending residents to drink 300 ml of liquid milk or other dairy products with the same amount of nutrients every day, school age 4 to 5 years Former children can also eat more."

  The national demand for nutritious and healthy food is huge. Ren Fazheng, a professor at China Agricultural University and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that milk is an ideal protein supply food, with a protein digestibility of over 90%, and it is also the best source of calcium in the diet. One pound of milk per day can provide 75% of the daily calcium requirement. However, the product structure of dairy products in my country is very simple and homogenized seriously, with liquid milk consumption as the mainstay.

  "A large number of epidemiological studies have shown that milk plays a major role in human health, including weight loss, blood pressure lowering, anti-atherosclerosis, osteoporosis relief, anti-tumor, anti-oxidation, etc. We should further optimize dairy products Product structure, development of functional dairy products, in order to further increase the per capita milk consumption in China, we should increase the proportion of high value-added products such as cheese, and change from "drinking milk" to "eating milk", thereby improving the health of our residents and promoting our country. The healthy development of the dairy industry." Ren Fazheng said.

  "China Dairy Merchant Index Survey Data Report" shows that China's Dairy Merchant Index in 2020 was 62.7 points, up from 60.7 points in 2019. Among them, milk drinking behavior has been greatly improved. Affected by the new Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the public is very concerned about balanced nutrition and improving immunity. More than 96% of the public think that dairy products have a great effect on improving immunity. Drink plenty of milk. Yang Guochao, deputy chairman of the China Dairy Industry Association, said that dairy products have been included in the daily diet by more people, resulting in a rigid increase in consumption. He said: "The epidemic has promoted public health awareness. The functionalization and diversification of dairy products is a trend. The nutritional value of lactoferrin and other ingredients in milk and the function of improving immunity have been more widely recognized. At the same time, more and more Parents put a variety of dairy products such as cheese on their children’s daily nutrition list, which will promote the development of the industry and encourage companies to strengthen R&D and innovation to launch more functional and diversified products."