Quite rare to point out, many large American companies have decided to take a stand in favor of the protest movement shaking the United States. Nike, Netflix and Citygroup are clearly committed to racism after the death of George Floyd. 

Many American companies, as well as big bosses, have taken a stand to denounce the racism that plagues American society. 

Yes and it is rather rare. Large American companies rarely display political messages. But as a Netflix tweet clearly says, "to remain silent is to be an accomplice." And in fact, suddenly, the "big bussiness" takes position, which is a sign of the depth of the crisis that is shaking American society.

Several leaders, like the financial director of Citigroup, relayed the last words of George Floyd before dying: "I cannot breathe". The bosses of Apple, Disney, Intel and many others have also taken a stand. The Nike firm even went so far as to return its own slogan "just do it" to ask everyone not to give in to racism. 

And yet, promoting this kind of message can be a double-edged sword for big brands. 

Take Facebook: the social network has promised to donate ten million dollars to anti-racism associations. Despite this, its founder Mark Zuckerberg was taken to task by his own employees, many of them scandalized that the social network did not block certain messages from Donald Trump as Twitter did. Facebook executives did not hesitate to post messages saying "I'm ashamed to work here". This crisis in American society will leave its mark.