The government has decided to double the daily limit for meal vouchers, which increases to 38 euros. A boon for restaurateurs who open Tuesday after two and a half months of closure. This means of payment having been unused during all the confinement, the employees would have approximately one billion euros to spend.

It's D-Day for them: in the green areas, bars and restaurants reopen on Tuesday, while the terraces are back in Île-de-France. For this recovery, the restaurateurs hope to welcome all employees who could not use their meal vouchers during this period of crisis. Because with restaurants closed for three months and a majority of employees telecommuting, this means of payment has been used very little. Employees today would have a billion euros to spend, according to the National Group of Self-Employed (GNI).

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The government has therefore decided to double the ceiling for meal vouchers: now it is possible to spend up to 38 euros compared to 19 euros so far, including weekends and public holidays. The limit remains at 19 euros, however in supermarkets.

"Have fun more easily"

The objective of this measure is clearly to encourage the restart of restaurants. "We are all happy to see this possible volume of turnover coming to us," says Romain Vidal, owner of the restaurant Le Sully in Paris. "I think that the French want to find our establishments, our places of life. This uncapping will allow the employee to have fun more easily, to invite a colleague and his family on Sundays or holidays. The sun helps, but if the wallet helps, it will be even better for everyone. "


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Restaurant owners, however, regret that the issuers of meal vouchers, such as Edenred, Sodexo or Groupe Up, have not proposed to reduce the amount of their commission to support the sector.