Tesla 3 cabrio - DR

Founded in 1983, this company which has antennas all over the world, including Cannes and Barcelona, ​​proposes to cut any vehicle. Already to his credit, and to retain only the most amazing productions: a Ford pickup, a Porsche Panamera, a Jaguar XJ, a BMW X6 ... In short, they are not afraid of anything!

A version of the Tesla Model 3

Their latest convertible is an open version of the Tesla Model 3. As you can see, it was necessary to use a roll bar, like the Peugeot 205 Cabrio, to ensure the car an acceptable rigidity. Another special feature: the transformer has kept the four original doors. This is where it gets stuck! Firstly because the recipe for the four-door cabrio suited perfectly to the huge American sedans of the 50s or 60s, which is much less the case for a modern compact. And if you take a closer look, you can see how flawed the idea is, since, for example, when the hood is folded, the articulated frames generously encroach on the opening of the rear doors. As for the look of the recapotée car… Hmm! NCE is however not at its first attempt. There is indeed in his portfolio a Tesla Model S cabrio, this time converted into two doors and beautifully executed.

The price ? Some $ 30,000 just for conversion. Notice to amateurs!

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