Stock price rises sharply Expectations for economic outlook due to resumption of economic activity June 2 15:27

Tokyo stock market on the 2nd, the stock price rose significantly. Due to expectations for the future of the economy following the resumption of economic activity, buy orders were placed for a wide range of issues.

The Nikkei Stock Average and the closing price on the 2nd were 22325.61 yen, which is 263.22 yen higher than the 1st.

TSE stock index = topics rose 18.93 to 1587.68 with a

daily trading volume of 1,335.73 million shares.

A market official said, “There are many views that the economic downturn will bottom out as economic activity resumes and the economy is heading for recovery, so the buying orders spread and the Nikkei 225 stock price temporarily rose by more than 300 yen. There were some movements to secure profits due to the high stock price.