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patients continue to come out of the metropolitan area, high school 1st, middle school 2nd, and 3rd and 4th graders of elementary school go to school tomorrow to begin classes. As infected people emerged from the academies, the education authorities began special inspections of the academy. Our reporter is out of Daechi-dong, Seoul.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon, what is the government checking in this special inspection?


Yes, the Ministry of Education conducted a special inspection of the academy on the second day, and even at the school district in Daechi-dong, where the lights were lit, I even went to the Deputy Minister of Education to confirm that the rules of prevention were properly followed.

[School officials: Please write your name.]

[Ministry of Education: Yes, Yes.] The

Ministry of Education announced on-site inspection today (2nd) and that it will consider how to introduce an electronic directory using QR codes even when creating a list of school visitors. However, the government's emphasis on the prevention of academy is because of the high concern about the spread of corona19.

Today, it was confirmed that the Gachon University student who was confirmed as having a part-time job at an art academy in Gyeonggi-do had close contacts, and more than 100 instructors and students of the academy were diagnosed.

At Donam Elementary School in Seoul, night-time watchers were confirmed, and in Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do, two elementary school children attended a religious meeting in Jeju Island.

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confirmers continue to come out of school and academy, parents who have to send their children to school must be worried.


Yes, there are an additional 178,000 students attending classes tomorrow, from high school 1st, middle school, and 3rd and 4th graders.

This means that 4.6 million students, 77% of all students, will be in full-fledged class.

The government has urged the school not to have excessive anxiety, saying that there has not been a group infection.

(Video coverage: Hojun Choi, video editing: Jo Moo Hwan, on-site progress: edited) 

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