The Sino-Singapore Jingwei client reported on June 2 in early trading that the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets opened slightly higher to maintain red and green shocks; the GEM index continued to drop more than 1%.

  As of midday closing, the Shanghai Index reported 2912.09 points, down 0.11%, with a turnover of 178.55 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index reported 11074.17 points, down 0.25%, with a turnover of 298.09 billion yuan; the GEM Index reported 2136.13 points, down 1.02%, with a turnover of 95.83 billion yuan.

  Shanghai Stock Exchange early trading trend source: Wind

  On the disk, stimulated by the good news issued by the "Overall Plan for the Construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port", Hainan's local stocks continued to strengthen, Luo Niushan, Shennong Technology, Hyde, Dadonghai A collective limit, Huawen Group, Xinlong Holdings, Hainan Ruize Wait for it to rise.

  Retail, aquaculture, military industry, electronics manufacturing, petroleum, real estate and other sectors rose, while concept stocks such as horse racing, Relts, smart audio, media, Internet lottery, and photoresist were active. Food and beverage, medical equipment, biological products, automobiles, steel and other sectors fell the top; conceptual stocks such as fentanyl, shared bicycles, and gene sequencing fell; liquor stocks collectively fell, and Yingjiu fell more than 3%.

  In terms of individual stocks, N Dema landed on the Science and Technology Board today, and it closed up by 183.28% as of midday. Nyu landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's Growth Enterprise Board, which rose 44% and was stopped. HNA Investment, Zhuhai Zhongfu, Yinlong shares, Taiwan Strait Nuclear Power, Hongda Mining and other more than 70 shares collectively set daily limit.

  Guosheng Securities analysis believes that the short-term market will still be dominated by shocks. The main contradiction in the current market is not the position but the structure, and the index risk is not large. Subsequent suggestions continue to maintain a long-term thinking, select the structure during the shock period, and lay out the future.

  China Europe Fund pointed out that my country's current economic recovery momentum is determined, and consumption is slowly recovering, and it is slowly shifting to optional consumption. In optional consumption, it is necessary to find a sub-sector that is the first to improve year-on-year data. The China Europe Fund is optimistic about the real estate industry chain (building materials, furniture), new energy vehicles, and 5G electronics; at the same time, the increase in government investment is also a more definite direction. The follow-up policy will be gradually implemented to benefit public computer software and some periodic products (chemicals, machinery, Heavy Truck). (Sino-Singapore Jingwei APP)

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