5G support Cheap smartphone sales Impact on each company's strategy Focused on June 2, 16:49

A low-priced smartphone with a price of around 30,000 yen that supports the new 5G communication standard will be sold.

Huawei, a major communication equipment company in China, announced two 5G smartphones on the 2nd.

Of these, high-performance models with a price of over 100,000 yen have a full range of camera functions, including a function that automatically erases what is reflected on the glass by AI = artificial intelligence.

Also, the model with reduced performance is priced at 39,800 yen excluding tax, which is cheap for a 5G smartphone.

However, due to the conflict between the United States and China, Google's apps are not available, there is no sale from a major mobile phone company, and users can choose a telecommunications company as a "SIM-free" terminal from the middle of June Internet and home appliances It will be sold at mass retailers.

5G smartphones are already sold by Sony, Sharp, etc., but most of them are over 100,000 yen, and it will be noticed how the sale of cheap products will affect each company's strategy.

The research company MM Research Institute predicts that the number of 5G smartphones shipped will be 3.96 million units this year, which is 16% of the total number of smartphones, but the number of shipments may be affected by the spread of the new coronavirus infection. I am.