550,000 requests for State Guaranteed Loans (PGE) have been submitted by companies to deal with the consequences of the pandemic. The state, which has provisioned 300 billion euros in aid, should be able to cope.

The global economy has been crippled due to the coronavirus pandemic. In France, according to information collected by Europe 1, 550,000 files have been submitted by companies to obtain a State Guaranteed Loan (PGE). Most of them have applied and the funds allocated by the State do not yet seem to have been used up.

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The EMPs will allow companies to maintain a semblance of cash to get through the crisis. "The biggest demand for loans is behind us," said a source in the banking sector. Today, fewer companies are running: candidates arriving at this time represent a billion and a half euros per day, against around two and a half billion in recent weeks.

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The files all deposited very quickly

The explanation is said to be that almost all the companies asked for this aid from the start. Almost 80 billion euros have been awarded so far. Taking into account current demand, this amount could double but would remain very far from the 300 billion provisioned by the State.


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Almost all of the files come from very small businesses (very small businesses). These represent more than 400,000 loans. 21,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were helped, as well as six large enterprises. For their part, the banks assure that the companies that are unable to obtain this loan, like Conforama at the moment, are the ones that would have struggled to get through the crisis without this help.