National weekly gasoline prices shifted in 18 weeks.

According to the Korea Petroleum Corporation's oil price information service opinet, the weekly gasoline weekly gasoline sales price in the fourth week of this month was KRW 1,258.6 per ℓ, up 9.8 won from the previous week.

The decline, which has been going on since the end of January, has stopped and rebounded in four months.

Daily unit volatility has started to rise starting on the 16th.

Gasoline prices at gas stations in Seoul this week have risen by 15.4 won per liter compared to Jeonju to 1,357.3 won.

Last week, we reversed the trend to a slight increase in the 0 won level, and this week, we increased it.

The gasoline price of Daegu gas station, the lowest area, rose 11.3 won per ℓ from last week to reach 1,220.3 won.

By brand, the price of gasoline at a petrol gas station was the lowest at 1,218.7 won per ℓ, and the price of a SK energy gas station was the highest at 1,271.0 won.

The price of gasoline across the country was 1,68.6 won per ℓ, up 8.6 won from last week.

International oil prices are reflected in the domestic gas station oil price at a time difference of about 2-3 weeks.

(Photo = Yonhap News)