Cheers online! Event for beer fans to gather May 31, 4:12

While it was difficult to hold an event for a large number of people due to the influence of the new coronavirus, a craft beer maker in Nagano Prefecture held an online event where about 2000 people were supposed to enjoy beer.

This event was held by "Yaho Brewing", a craft beer maker with its head office and brewery in Nagano Prefecture.

This company holds an event to enjoy beer at the campsite every year at this time, and about 1000 people participated last year. This year's event was planned to be held twice and a total of 2,000 people were scheduled to gather, but since it could not be opened due to the new virus, it was held online instead.

Using “YouTube” on the video site, the president and employees talk to the camera from home, and the participants who watch the video chat interact with each other. On the 30th, a maximum of about 1000 people from all over the country simultaneously watched and when the toast scene, the message "Toast!"

A seminar was held to learn how to taste beer, and employees in charge of brewing explained the characteristics of each beer. The company is also considering an online brewery tour.

Naoyuki Ide said, “I feel that we have found a new aspect of online usage because it is easy for people who can not go far away if they are online or people with children to participate.”