Nissan protests in Spain Spain announces talks to close plant 13:08 May 29

As part of the structural reform plan, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced that it would proceed with discussions toward the closure of its Spanish plant, and some employees in front of the plant in Barcelona burn tires. And protested.

On the 28th, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced plans for structural reforms by the year 2023, and announced that as part of this plan, it will proceed with discussions with concerned parties toward the closure of its plant in Barcelona, ​​northeastern Spain.

In response to this announcement, in front of the factory in Barcelona, ​​on the 28th, nearly 1,000 employees gathered, some of them burned tires and protested by temporarily occupying a nearby highway.

According to the trade union, the closure of the factory will affect not only the employment of around 3000 employees, but also more than 20,000 people, including those who work for companies with which we do business.

In response to Nissan's announcement, Spain's Foreign Minister González appeared on a state-run radio show, stating, "The government has made every effort to keep the plant. We regret Nissan's decision."

In addition, the Spanish Ministry of Industry will analyze the effects of the closure of the factory on employment, etc., and discuss measures with Catalonia, Barcelona, ​​where the factory is located, and the labor union.