China News Service Client Beijing, May 29 (Zhang Xu) At a press conference held by the Ministry of Transport on May 29, Sun Wenjian, a spokesman for the Ministry of Transport, said that in order to ensure the smooth flow of the international logistics supply chain, In aviation, airlines are encouraged to develop "passenger-to-cargo" and cargo charter flights to increase air cargo capacity.

May 29th conference site.

  Sun Wenjian pointed out that the spread of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic has accelerated worldwide, and countries have taken strict control measures one after another, resulting in the obstruction of international freight transport, which has seriously affected the stability of China's industrial chain supply chain. According to the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the Ministry of Transport and 12 departments set up a special class for international logistics work. The special class implements a 24-hour physical operation. Take both measures to ensure the smooth flow of the international logistics supply chain and ensure that the goods can "go in and out."

  Sun Wenjian said that the Ministry of Transport has carried out three aspects of work:

  First, focus on improving freight capacity. In terms of railways, improve the transportation support capacity of China-Europe trains, and increase the density of shifts moderately; in terms of road transportation, strengthen the deployment of transportation capacity, and ensure the normal operation of international road freight transportation by connecting transportation at border ports; Transportation, to open up new channels to solve the backlog of postal express; in aviation, increase international air cargo capacity, encourage airlines to carry out "passenger to cargo", freight charter and other ways to increase air cargo capacity.

  Second, create a good development environment. Optimize the prevention and control measures for the entry and exit of international air cargo crew members, and optimize the prevention and control measures for the entry and exit of international air cargo crew members in accordance with the principles of precise policy, classified prevention and control, non-entry, non-detection, and closed supervision. ability.

  At the same time, it will coordinate with relevant departments to solve the problems of restricted entry and difficult customs clearance of international road transport vehicles, and provide logistics transportation guarantee for economic and trade cooperation between countries along the “Belt and Road”. It also coordinates various transportation resources such as China-Europe trains, international road transportation, international air freight, and international shipping to provide international logistics transportation guarantee for foreign aid medical materials.

  Third, promote the integration of supply and demand information. The Ministry of Transport announced the first batch of 54 international logistics and transportation key contact companies. Together with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant departments, it promotes the integration of logistics companies with manufacturing companies and foreign trade companies in supply and demand information to ensure the smooth and stable supply chain of the enterprise chain. .

  "Next, we will do our utmost to promote the construction of an international logistics supply chain system, actively meet the international logistics and transportation needs of relevant departments, and establish a" one-to-one "docking guarantee mechanism for key enterprises to ensure that the transportation of goods" goes in and out. " "Sun Wenjian said. (Finish)