China News Service Client, Beijing, May 29 (Zhang Xu): "After the cancellation of the highway toll station on January 1 this year, some areas have some billing errors and frequent texting, and they cannot immediately pass the ETC toll station. Issues such as showing fee deductions, "Sun Wenjian, a spokesman for the Ministry of Transport, responded at a press conference on the 29th:" These are mainly problems at the initial stage of the system conversion on January 1, which have been resolved after the resumption of charges. "

Aerial photography G1503 Shanghai East High Speed ​​Toll Station. Photo by Yin Liqin

  Sun Wenjian introduced that at present, the nationwide highway toll collection system has been fully optimized and upgraded, with stable operation and about 30 million transactions per day.

  Sun Wenjian emphasized that in accordance with the deployment requirements of the "two guarantees", in the new round of fee adjustments, the standards for truck tolls have been lowered in various places. The specific performance is in the following three aspects:

  First, according to preliminary estimates, according to the new truck axle charging standards, under the same traffic conditions, the total annual toll expenditure of trucks has dropped by 11.6%.

  Second, according to a survey by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, 86.7% of the companies surveyed believe that the highway traffic environment has improved after the toll stations at the provincial border of the expressway were cancelled, and 35.5% of the companies believe that they have improved significantly.

  Thirdly, judging from the recent operation, the ETC utilization rate of trucks has gradually increased, and there have been fewer complaints. This also fully shows that the majority of driver friends are using "tire voting".

  "Due to the complexity of the online charging system, even if we have done a lot of work, there will inevitably be some imperfections. In this regard, we have established a three-level linkage technical guarantee mechanism, complaint handling mechanism, and guaranteeing the smooth flow of the mechanism. At present We are playing the role of a working mechanism to strengthen the monitoring of the road network and system operation, and deal with the problems found and the public's problems in a timely manner, strive to ensure the stable operation of the system, the smooth traffic network, and continuously enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security "Sun Wenjian said. (Finish)