For those who do not want to touch the leather strap, the town factory develops a metal hook at Chiba May 29, 17:41

New contactless businesses are drawing attention to prevent the spread of new coronaviruses. Against this backdrop, the town factory in Chiba Prefecture began manufacturing metal hooks that could hold straps and push buttons without touching them.

A metal processing company in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture manufactures parts for machine tools, but due to the spread of infection, sales in the last month have decreased by half compared to the same month last year.

Given the growing interest in non-contact products, the company began leveraging its metalworking technology to produce palm-sized hooks.

This hook is made of titanium, and the angle of the curve has been devised so that it can be easily moved in your hand, so you can grab the straps and railings of trains and buses without touching them directly, and push buttons such as elevators. can.

It means that the company has been collecting funds necessary for manufacturing products by crowdfunding since 26th of this month, and plans to sell online as well.

Keigo Ito, managing director of Fujie Kogyo Co., Ltd., said, "I have lost my job due to the spread of infection, but I thought that I would like to develop hook products with the opportunity. I think that there are certain needs such as people who do not want to touch straps. I was talking. "