Yesterday's number of people increased from the previous day in Chiba / Yokohama, where the declaration was continued New Corona May 24, 10:54

The number of people on Saturday, the 23rd, decreased by 40% to 70% compared to before the spread of infection in 1 prefecture and 3 prefectures in the Tokyo metropolitan area where the declaration of emergency is continuing and Hokkaido By comparison, the number of people is increasing in some areas of the Tokyo metropolitan area.

NTT DOCOMO collects data from 47 prefectures nationwide in a form that protects privacy based on information from mobile phone base stations.

If you more to it, turnout of Tokyo and three prefectures of 23 days in the metropolitan area an emergency declaration is continued, than from this year in mid-January before the infection spread to the average of the holiday of mid-February,
▽ Shinjuku The station area decreased by 68.3%,
▽ Yokohama station area by 59.9%,
▽ Omiya station area by 58.7%,
▽ Chiba station area by 38.7%

In addition,
▽ Sapporo station area decreased by 70.5%.

However, compared with the 22nd, which was a weekday,
▽ Sapporo station around 45.7%,
▽ Shinjuku station around 14%,
▽ Omiya station around 4.4%,
▽ Chiba station around 14.6%,
▽ It increased by 4.3% around Yokohama Station.

On the other hand, in Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo, where the emergency declaration was lifted
, the number of people on the 23rd decreased by
31.3% around Osaka / Umeda
and 21.2% around the Sannomiya Station in Hyogo Prefecture compared to the 22nd
. On the other hand,
▽ around Kyoto Station, it increased by 6.4%.