“Declaration continued” The movement to resume business at a major department store in the Tokyo metropolitan area is 12:11 on May 23.

Major department stores have begun to resume sales of clothing, sundries, and other items in addition to food from 23rd, even at stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area where the state of emergency continues.

Of these, the Sogo Seibu store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, opened at 10 am, and the customer was temperature-checked by an employee with a face shield and then sterilized his hands and fingers before heading to the sales floor. ..

In order to prevent the spread of infection at this department store, we have taken measures such as installing a board and a transparent sheet for cooperation in the "social distance" that keeps the distance between people at the cash register in the sales floor.

A female customer said, "I was looking forward to the opening. I am happy that the usual everyday life will come back."

Toshiki Kubota, the store manager of Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store, said, “We are taking measures to prevent the spread of infection and restarting it while the demand for daily necessities from neighbors is increasing day by day.”

Major department stores are reopening their stores in areas such as the Tokyo metropolitan area, where declarations of emergencies continue, but some of them are still closed.