While the Renault group must present a savings plan on May 29, the employees of the Flins factory are worried. If the Minister of Economy assured Friday that the site should not close, they fear a social plan. Europe 1 went to meet them.


Guest of Europe 1 Friday, Bruno Le Maire seriously warned: "Renault must not close the Flins site." The Minister of Economy warned that the government would be particularly attentive to the fate that the manufacturer of the diamond brand will reserve for its historic factory. A savings plan of two billion euros must be announced by the group on May 29 to deal with the consequences of the coronavirus. The employees are waiting. "Every morning, everyone inquires [...] The problem is that we are told nothing", laments Matthieu at the microphone of Europe 1.

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Anxietyful silence

"No one is reassured yet." The words of the Minister of Economy did nothing, the employees of the Flins factory are worried. The management's silence is particularly worrying. "I even wonder if it is not done on purpose to put pressure on us, [...] to negotiate possible agreements later", continues Matthieu, who works in the assembly. "We don't know where we're going to go."

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Some people imagine the worst. Even if the plant does not close, stopping automobile production for another activity could lead to job losses. "I'm stunned, we've been working here for a while," says Malick. "With the credit I have on the house and on the car, I don't think I'm going to make it anymore."


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Employees at the Flins plant are now waiting for May 29, the date by which Renault must present its savings plan.