The corresponding order was published on the Kremlin website.

It is noted that Putin ordered to ensure “non-application of sanctions for deviating oil production from the indicators established in the technological schemes for the development of hydrocarbon deposits for the duration of the agreement on limiting oil production between the states that are members of the organization of oil exporting countries (OPEC) and the states not members of this organization. ”

The government is also entrusted with the task of “creating the conditions for the formation of a fund of unfinished oil wells” and “introducing a moratorium on the adoption of regulatory decisions for electricity industry and heat supply organizations for 2020-2021 that worsen the existing business conditions as of January 1, 2020.”

The president also instructed the Cabinet to work out issues and, if necessary, make decisions regarding “inclusion in the list of backbone organizations of oilfield services enterprises with revenues of more than 1 billion rubles a year.”

Earlier, the Ministry of Energy of Russia also said that the price of oil in 2020 will be on average slightly above $ 30 per barrel.

Rustam Tankaev, a member of the committee on energy strategy and development of the fuel and energy complex of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, gave a forecast to the oil market in an interview with NSN.