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the tension between the two domestic industries is growing as the United States has begun earnestly discussing the 'anti-war' economic alliance. Samsung Electronics is already accelerating the expansion of its semiconductor plant in China, which is complicated.

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Samsung Electronics has dispatched more than 300 technical personnel to expand the Xi'an semiconductor plant in China.

Those entering the country with a 'quick passage system' that simplifies the entry of entrepreneurs are quarantined for three days before being put into the field.

This is to speed up the expansion of a production base in China, which costs $ 15 billion with 500 people dispatched a month.

[Hanjin, only managing / Samsung memory marketing team (first quarter conference call 20 years): Xi'an 2nd volume production you are expanding to match the existing plan, and has a principle that goes to the best investment, such as investment trend -

the factory The memory semiconductor volume has been mainly supplied to Chinese companies such as Huawei.

Although the pressure from the United States could weaken the deal with Huawei, the analysis suggests that the demand for smartphones with a population of 1.4 billion could not slow down investment in the Chinese market.

The same is true of the vice chairman Lee Jae-yong of Jucho, who said to Xi'an that he should not miss the time.

[Semiconductor analyst: (other than Huawei) You might be thinking that you can make sales on the other side, and the 'NAND chip' from the Xi'an factory is 5G, so it is IoT (Internet of Things), so you can change your usage anyway ... .]

However, foreign media reports that the United States, which will continue to tighten export regulations to China in the future, is also likely to put additional pressure on Samsung's semiconductor plant in Texas.

It is more likely that Korean companies will be forced to choose alternatives like Taiwan.

As an industry that has experienced retaliation in China, it is bound to be caught in a tightrope for a while.

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