Palestinian leaders inform Israel of end to security cooperation

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at a meeting in Ramallah on October 3, 2019 ABBAS MOMANI / AFP

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The decision was announced on Tuesday May 19 by Mahmoud Abbas. Responding to the Israeli plan to annex several parts of the West Bank, the president of the Palestinian Authority said that he was no longer bound by the agreements signed with Israel and, in particular, that he was putting an end to the security cooperation.


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From our correspondent in JerusalemGuilhem Delteil

This threat had already been brandished by the leader on several occasions, without effect. But this Thursday evening, the Palestinians officially informed the Israelis that they are putting an end to this cooperation.

Faced with the widely expressed skepticism, the Palestinian leaders wanted to emphasize the seriousness of their position. Security cooperation with Israel is going to end well, says Saëb Erekat. He is the chief negotiator of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

“  It should have been done a long time ago. But everyone advised us to be patient, to give a chance, to wait. And we waited more than anyone else, but it turns out it was a wait error. Any annexation is a diktat. This means that he is abandoning negotiations and that he will decide for me  , ”he said.

Emergency telephone line suspended

Forty-eight hours after Mahmoud Abbas' speech, the Palestinian government therefore officially informed Israel that it is ending this cooperation. It is a thoughtful and coordinated approach, specifies Saëb Erekat.

“  We are working on each concrete aspect. We can assure you that we do not want chaos, not violence. We want to maintain our services to our people. And we have taken a lot of steps to inform the international community about what will be done and what will not be done on every practical aspect of life,  ”he said.

The emergency telephone line between the two parties has been suspended. Contacts between the security forces are canceled for brigade commanders and lower hierarchical levels. And the Palestinian police will no longer protect Israeli citizens who enter a Palestinian city by mistake.

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