China News Agency, Shanghai, May 20 (Wang Zitao) A reporter learned from the construction work meeting of China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. on the 20th that in 2020, the railway construction in the Yangtze River Delta will continue to "sing forward", and construction investment will remain high. The investment plan for the whole year was 87.033 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), 8 projects are planned to be opened, and the mileage of the new line will exceed 1,000 kilometers.

  In 2020, the Yangtze River Delta Railway plans to open the Hehu Section of the Shanghe-Hangzhou High-speed Railway, the Zhaodian-Huangdu Section of the Tonghu Railway, the Huaizhen Section of the Lianzhen Railway, the He'an High-speed Railway, the Quning Railway, the Wuxuan Section of the Anhui-Ganxi Railway, and the third line electrification 8 projects including the renewal of the Shuibian Line and the transformation of the Cangnan Station, construction of 6 projects including Husu Lake, Hexin High-speed Railway, Anhui Section, Wuhe High-speed Railway along the Yangtze River, Hening-Shanghai High-speed Railway along the Yangtze River, Jinjian Railway, Ningwu Second Line, etc. Construction of Tongsu Jiayong, Hangzhou-Wenzhou Phase II, Hujiahang and other projects started. According to statistical calculations, the investment plan for railway construction in the Yangtze River Delta accounted for nearly one-sixth of the road this year, maintaining more than 80 billion yuan for five consecutive years, and the mileage of new lines accounted for one-quarter of the whole road.

  The relevant person in charge of the railway department said that in 2019, the Yangtze River Delta Railway completed an investment of 85.412 billion yuan in infrastructure construction, ranking first in the country's railways, and the new line was put into operation during the year with a mileage of 874.8 kilometers. Among them, 6 projects including Zhengfu High-speed Railway, Jinggang High-speed Railway Commercial Cooperation Section, Xuyan High-speed Railway, Lianzhen High-speed Railway and Lianhuai Section, Ningbo Chuanshan Port Railway and Fuyang North Station Capacity Expansion Project have been completed and operated successively. As of the end of 2019, the operating mileage of the Yangtze River Delta Railway reached 11,632 kilometers, of which the high-speed railway mileage was 4,997 kilometers, ranking first in the whole road.

  In recent years, the Yangtze River Delta Railway has continued to promote large-scale, high-standard railway construction, jointly build the "Yangtze River Delta on Track", and strive to build a modern high-quality comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network. The layout of the Yangtze River Delta Railway with woven wire network, interconnection, and continuous expansion has enabled all prefecture-level cities in the Yangtze River Delta region except Zhoushan City to achieve city-to-city transportation and meet the travel needs of the people along the route with the advantages of high-speed rail network operation It also led to the formation of an inter-city transportation circle of 0.5 to 3 hours, which promoted the continuous expansion of the "same city" effect and contributed to the promotion of high-quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and the construction of world-class urban agglomerations. (Finish)