Nissan Mid-term Management Plan Adjusted to significantly lower sales targets 5:28 on May 21

Nissan, whose business performance remains sluggish, has a new medium-term management plan to be announced next week, and has set a goal of selling 5 million units three years from now, with an annual plan of 6 million units. It turns out that we are proceeding with the adjustment in the direction of lowering it further. We plan to clarify the shift from the expansion route and accelerate recovery of profitability.

Nissan is expected to announce a new medium-term management plan on the 28th of this month in preparation for a recovery, due to the fact that global sales will be sluggish and the financial results for the fiscal year ending March will fall into the final deficit.

According to the people involved, in the new plan, three years later, the annual sales target for fiscal 2023 will be about 5 million units, and adjustments will be made to significantly reduce the previous plan, which was set at 6 million units by 2022. We are.

The number of vehicles sold last year was 4.79 million, and we intend to make the transition from the expansion route during former Gone Chairman's era clearer and to prioritize the recovery of profitability based on the actual plan.

Along with this, in addition to reducing the production capacity of 7.2 million units in the world, further clarifying the division of roles with Renault of France, which forms a coalition, and launching new vehicles mainly in the three markets of Japan, the United States, and China. The policy is to

As the business environment is becoming more severe due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the question is whether to make steady profits.