As Europe 1 announced to you a few weeks ago, there will be many plant closings and layoffs at Renault. Like all the sector, the group is heavily impacted. He must present a rescue plan Friday, May 29. The survival of Renault is at stake according to Bercy. 

The coronavirus crisis has taken a heavy toll on the auto industry. The Renault group must therefore present its savings plan Friday, May 29. According to information from Europe 1, the manufacturer will close at least three sites: Choisy-le-Roi, the Foundries of Brittany and the Dieppe factory, which produces the Alpine.  

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The Flins factory which produces the Zoé, sometimes cited, will not be closed but the site will be converted. "We may not be making more cars there," suggests a good connoisseur of the Renault file. Future electric ranges must leave for Douai.

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Closures and restructuring that will result in layoffs

These closings and restructuring will lead to layoffs, especially since the factories will not be the only ones affected. It's a real global plan. It would be irresponsible to condition our aid to zero redundancies, they say in Bercy where we add that the survival of Renault is at stake at the moment.


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Despite everything, the executive puts pressure on the company. "As we help them with a close-up, we will have to be exemplary in terms of social support," we were told. Renault must also accelerate on electric and autonomous cars. Several models could also be stopped. We often talk about space.