Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. also suspended production at three plants in June Prolonged impact of the new Corona 23:14 on May 19

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has announced that it will suspend production at three domestic factories next month as demand for cars continues to stagnate worldwide due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

The Tochigi Plant, which produces luxury brand vehicles, will stop production on all weekdays from the 1st to the 19th of next month, in addition to weekends, which are normally closed.

In addition, the Oppama plant in Kanagawa prefecture, which produces small cars and electric vehicles, will suspend production only on the 1st of the next month, and its subsidiary Nissan Motor Kyushu will suspend the production from the 1st to the 5th of the next month.

This is because the worldwide demand for cars has fallen due to the spread of the new coronavirus, and it has become difficult to procure some parts.

Among domestic automobile manufacturers, Toyota Motor Corporation has decided to suspend the operation of all automobile plants in Japan except for some production lines over the next four days.