SoftBank Group Ma resigns as director Alibaba founder May 18 13:20

The SoftBank Group has decided on the appointment of Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, the largest online mail order company in China, to resign as director next month. That is the intention of the person himself.

According to the announcement, SoftBank Group decided at the general meeting of shareholders to be held on the 25th of next month that the founder of Alibaba Group, Mr. Jack Ma (55), will retire from the board of directors.

Mr. Ma retired from the Alibaba Group chairman in September last year and is now involved in philanthropy and other activities.

The SoftBank Group has been investing in the Alibaba Group since its inception in 1999, and Mr. Ma has a close relationship with President Masayoshi Son and has been a director of the SoftBank Group since 2007.

At the general meeting of shareholders next month, Yoshimitsu Goto will be newly appointed as a director, and the founders of an American investment company will be consulted on the appointment of outside directors.