Softbank, the largest deficit in the past, can we recover profits by suppressing risk May 19 4:59

The SoftBank Group's financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013, were the largest operating deficit of more than 1.3 trillion yen due to the decline in the corporate value of the investee. The aggressive strategy of an investment company backfired, and it seems that the question is whether we can recover profits while suppressing risks.

As SoftBank Group announced on the 18th, the financial results for the fiscal year ended March were the largest loss ever, with operating loss of ¥ 1,364.6 billion.

This was due to the decline in the corporate value of the investee due to the financial market turmoil against the backdrop of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, in addition to the deterioration of the management of the US share office giant WeWork.

With a strategy that has been actively investing in startup companies around the world through funds etc. as a backfire, Masayoshi Son said at a press conference, `` We will continue to invest, but we will do it with caution '' and suppress the risk for the time being I emphasized the posture.

In addition, regarding the second fund, which was originally set up at a scale of 10 trillion yen, we have indicated that we will not collect funds from other investors and will invest only with the funds of the Group for the time being.

The company plans to sell 4.5 trillion yen in assets over the next year to improve its financial condition, and announced that it has raised more than 1 trillion yen on the 18th.

From now on, it is likely that we will be asked whether we can recover profitability by carrying out investment with reduced risk and financial improvement as planned.