Daxing Airport Linkong Economic Zone will build a digital trade gathering zone

  News from this reporter (Reporter Pu Changting) Yesterday, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned from Daxing District that Daxing Airport ’s airport zone held an online training event on “Digital Transformation in the Background of New Infrastructure” as a high-level opening new highland, Daxing Airport Free Trade Pilot Zone Relying on policy advantages, it will promote the construction of digital trade cross-border service clusters. At present, Daxing International Airport's Airport Economic Zone (Beijing) has established connections with enterprises such as Alibaba and actively promoted innovation cooperation in digital trade. Cooperate with the Beijing Financial Innovation Research Institute to promote scientific and technological innovation and digital transformation in the financial field.

  Beijing Daxing International Airport Rinku Economic Zone relies on converging global passenger flow, logistics, capital flow, information flow and other high-energy-level element resources in the Rinku District "1 + 2 + 2" industrial development system (led by life and health, led by the hub Based on high-end services and aviation support, and taking the new generation of information technology and intelligent equipment as reserves), we will conduct special research, actively explore the development path and innovation pilot of digital trade, construct digital trade application scenarios, and promote the development of digital trade innovation.

  According to the implementation plan, Daxing Airport Provincial Airport strives to build a special data circulation supervision area, explore the realization of cross-border data flow in stages and categories, and pilot the construction of a multinational enterprise data exchange hub. Support the focus on key areas such as financial innovation, aviation logistics, life and health, cross-border e-commerce, intellectual property rights, and next-generation information technology in the free trade zone, conduct pilot data cross-border flow security assessments, and explore the establishment of related security management mechanisms. At the same time, explore the application of blockchain technology in the fields of inspection and testing, biomedical sample supervision, etc.