Business counter-offensive to the government's speech in favor of raising taxes to overcome the crisis. The Círculo de Empresarios, the association that brings together, among others, the majority of Ibex companies, proposes an exceptional and massive drop in taxes until the end of the year to relaunch the Spanish economy. " The level of public deficit that we are going to incur is very high, but in our opinion there is scope to apply fiscal stimulus measures in the short term before the end of the year, which must serve to reactivate the activity and at the same time serve as firewalls, encapsulating them in this exercise so that 2021 is born vaccinated with this disease, "says the association chaired by John de Zulueta in a statement. It does not give a figure of the impact it would have in the public coffers his plan, but, he assures that, being temporary and exceptional, it would not have " mostly effective collection cost", and would help "an accelerated reactivation of our economy and employment in the second part of this year "

The document is called Fiscal Proposals to accelerate the reactivation in the second semester of 2020 and proposes to the Government "the delay and flexibility in the payment of different direct taxes such as Corporation Tax and indirect taxes such as VAT, as well as local taxes." The Circle also proposes "to stimulate demand in certain key sectors such as the purchase of homes, cars and tourism through temporary fiscal measures through the Transmission Tax, VAT, Personal Income Tax and Registration Tax during the rest of 2020 ".

Housing, return to tax deduction in personal income tax

As an example, in terms of housing, it claims "the exceptional reduction until December 31 of the Property Transfer Tax and Documented Legal Acts and the VAT on the acquisition of homes and business premises". And he proposes to reestablish "a deduction, once again temporary, of a certain percentage in the personal income tax, for renovation works in the habitual residence, with a maximum limit".

Automotive without registration tax

"The State should suspend the registration tax for the remaining months of 2020, and seek the temporary reduction of VAT on the acquisition of all types of cars, to also boost the automotive sector. Given the age of the car park, This would also have positive environmental effects. "

Tourism, income tax bonus

"In the tourism sector, measures could be implemented to reactivate the demand, such as lower VAT for hospitality, camping and spa services, catering and passenger and luggage transport, the suspension in 2020 of tourist taxes, such as the Balearic Islands, to establish, as in Italy, discounts in the personal income tax quota for national tourism ".

Companies, 60% deduction

In his opinion, the Government should "facilitate a delay of several months in the payment of taxes in this exercise that allows companies that require it to have a minimum of financial lung." · "The self-assessment of the tax must be postponed on companies, at least, until September. "

For companies that have reduced their turnover in the first semester of 2020, it is at least 25% lower than that of a year ago and that their accounting result for the first half of this year is at least 50% lower than that of the first semester of 2019, "should be extended to the common territory of the successful measure adopted by the Provincial Council of Vizcaya that allows an extraordinary deduction of 60% of the effective amount of corporation tax this year."

VAT not collected, not required

"Modification in the regulations on VAT income of unpaid invoices: The obligation that employers or professionals continue to finance VAT quotas that they will not collect cannot be maintained, generating treasury tensions that do not correspond to them. formal and temporary requirements to avoid entering or recovering VAT that has not been paid to the service provider. "


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