Sino-Singapore Online, May 13 (Xu Jing, Zheng Yingying) Forbes released the 18th Global Enterprise 2000 list on the 13th. This year, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China topped the list for the eighth consecutive year; China Construction Bank ranked second; JPMorgan Chase ranked second last year and ranked third this year. There are other Chinese companies in the front of the list, and the "Four Major Banks" all entered the top ten, among which the Agricultural Bank of China ranked fifth and the Bank of China ranked tenth.

  Among the top ten, Saudi Aramco made the list for the first time this year, ranking fifth with the Agricultural Bank of China. The top ten companies also include: Berkshire Hathaway (4th), Ping An (7th), Bank of America (8th), Apple (9th).

  The Forbes Global 2000 list analyzes corporate sales, profits, assets, and market value, and selects the world's largest, most influential, and most valuable companies. The list is based on 4 measurement indicators-sales, profits, assets and market value. When ranking them according to company size, the list is given equal weight to each indicator. A company gets a score for each indicator. Then, Forbes aggregated the scores to form a composite score. Companies with the highest compound scores also rank highest.

  Andrea Murphy, editor of Forbes statistics, said: "The epidemic caused market turmoil and seriously affected the market value of the companies on the list. The market value of companies in this list is calculated using the price figures of April 30. The market value of a company needs to reach at least 5.27 billion Only the US dollar can be considered for the list. This figure is lower than last year ’s 6.25 billion US dollars. "

  The total revenue of the companies listed in 2020 is 42.3 trillion US dollars, the total profit is 3.3 trillion US dollars, the total assets are 201.4 trillion US dollars, and the total market value is 54.3 trillion US dollars. Corporate sales and asset figures are higher than last year, but profits and market value have decreased.

  Although the market is down, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are relatively immune. Among them, Alexion Pharmaceuticals (Alexion Pharmaceuticals) ranked 796th this year, the ranking increased by 700 places compared with last year, the largest increase. The company's ranking has improved significantly, largely because of profits of $ 2.4 billion.

  Throughout the world, the United States has 588 companies on the list, the largest number; China has a total of 367 companies on the list, mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, China are 266, 58 and 43; Japan, the United Kingdom and Canada are listed There are 217, 77 and 61 companies in the list. CVSHealthCorporation has significantly improved its ranking this year, ranking 410th in 2019 and 40th this year. Several of the companies that dropped in ranking are notable. Among them, Boeing ranked 49th last year, this year fell to 413th.

  The top ten on the Forbes Global 2000 list are as follows:

  1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Mainland China, Banking

  2. China Construction Bank, Mainland China, banking

  3. JPMorgan Chase, United States, diversified finance

  4. Berkshire Hathaway, United States, diversified finance

  5. Agricultural Bank of China, Mainland China, banking

  5. Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia, oil

  7. Ping An, Mainland China, Insurance

  8. Bank of America, United States, banking

  9. Apple, United States, technology hardware and equipment

  10. Bank of China, Mainland China, Banking (End)