The number of people on the 9th will be reduced by more than 70% in many of the specific warning prefectures New Corona May 10 11:40

The number of people nationwide on the 9th, which was the first weekend since the declaration of emergency was extended, decreased in most prefectures from the previous day, and in "specific warning prefectures" before the spread of infection in many target areas. The rate of decrease from was over 70%.

NTT DOCOMO collects data from people in 47 prefectures nationwide in a form that protects privacy, based on information from mobile phone base stations.

As a result, the number of people as of 3:00 pm on the 9th decreased in most prefectures from the day before weekdays.

Of these, in the target areas of the “special vigilance prefectures”, before the spread of infection, the average of the holidays from mid-January to mid-February
was 83.9% around Osaka / Umeda and
74.9 around Tokyo / Shinjuku station. %
Each decreased.

In addition,
▽ Kyoto station area around 73.3%
▽ Nagoya station area and Kanazawa station area around 73.1%
▽ Fukuoka / Tenjin area around 72.1%
▽ Yokohama station area around 71.8%
▽ Sapporo station area around 71.2%
, both decrease rate Exceeded 70%.

In addition,
▽ around Omiya station was 67.4%
▽ around Sannomiya station in Hyogo prefecture was 65.6%
▽ around Chiba station was 63.4%
▽ around Mito station was 54.9%
▽ around Gifu station was 47.9%

In areas other than "special alert prefectures",
▽ Hiroshima City Nakaya-ku Kamiyacho area
decreased by 61.8%, ▽ Sendai Station area decreased by 55.1%, but there
are many areas where the decrease rate is less than 50% It was done.