China News Network, Hefei, May 9 (Reporter Zhao Qiang) At 7:00 on the evening of May 8, Li Jinzhu, the first secretary of Xiaogang Village in Fengyang County, Anhui Province, and Chen Li, the founder of Volatility Sports, joined Xiaogang Village on the live broadcast platform. Bring goods. Faced with the camera, they turned into anchors of "carrying goods" and promoted agricultural products in Xiaogang Village. In just two hours of live broadcasting, the number of viewers was nearly 50,000, and sales exceeded 300,000 yuan.

  Secretary Li Jinzhu and Chen Li "talk while eating", focusing on display and on-site evaluation of special agricultural products of Xiaogang Village. In order to increase the sense of participation of netizens, the location of this live broadcast was selected in the country ’s key cultural relics protection unit-the farmhouse in Xiaogang Village, the birthplace of China ’s rural reform "Big Baogan". ".

The first secretary of Xiaogang Village introduced the special products of Xiaogang (Photo courtesy of Fengyang Propaganda Department) 

  "Sold out", "sold out", "snapped in a flash" ... Secretary Li's "carrying village officer" just sold out every time, and the recommended delicacies were sold out. If it is said that delicious food is favored by strength, then netizens actively place an order, which makes people see the hearts of supporting Xiaogang Village.

  In the live broadcast room, Secretary Li Jinzhu, who first tried the role of "goods officer", interacted frequently with netizens to introduce netizens to Xiaogang Village's steamed rice, sesame oil, Panpan Fag waffle and pure cake, Xiaogang pure sweet potato fans, A series of special agricultural products such as Gu Youli thin round noodles, large bags of dry wine, Xinxiaogang black peanuts, eggs and cocks in Xiaoxi River Valley, Xiaogang Jili cream, Fengyang Flower Drum, Xiaogang Village Memorial Cup, Xiaogang Cultural Pen Holder and other features Cultural products.

  Through on-site trial eating and barrage interaction, the combination of rural revitalization and live broadcast and e-commerce, under the strong recommendation of this special "commodity officer", netizens on the live broadcast platform responded enthusiastically and purchased the desired products online through links .

  It is worth mentioning that this live broadcast not only showed you the agricultural products of Xiaogang Village, but also invited the big bag leader Yan Junchang and the two people who participated in the 70th National Day Parade with the secretary of the live broadcast room. Four guests including Xiaogang Flower Drum Girl and President of the Fengyang Marathon Association, Lu Yongbing, shared the story of Xiaogang. At the same time, the performance artist of Fengyang Flower Drum in Xiaogang Village also brought you the most original Fengyang Flower Drum in the live broadcast room. Performance.

  Xiaogang Village is rich in product resources. Many special agricultural products such as parboiled rice, sesame oil, and Jili paste have high output and good quality. The characteristic industrial resources of Xiaogang Village are displayed in an online live broadcast mode, allowing agricultural products to come out through the Internet and let agricultural products Get out of the ground. (Finish)